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DOG Friendly Restaurants and Eateries
Queens Beach South Shore Oahu

Because of food preparation and safety concerns, the State of Hawaii and the US Federal Govt. have certain restrictions resulting in the prohibition of pets in public dining facilities with the exception of service animals. However, restaurants that offer outdoor dinning areas that are completely separate from their food preparation and indoor service areas are typically exempt from pet restrictions and it is left to the establishment to decide if pets are acceptable on premise. If in doubt, call before your arrival. 


The Law and canine etiquette dictates that only disposable plates and bowls, if you do not bring your own, be used in lieu of the establishments plate ware. Always ask if your canine is allowed to sit with you in an outdoor dinning area and or if it is acceptable for their carrier to be placed in a seat with them inside. It is always advisable to allow your dog to relieve him or herself before dinning at an outdoor venue, in order to reduce the chance of any "accidents".

Below is a list of some of the more popular Dog Friendly Restaurants and Eateries in Honolulu, Hawaii. Click on the links provided to find customer reviews and or their repsective website for additional informtion, menus, hours of operation, and location.

Arancino di Mare: outside and at the edge of the roped off area.

Barefoot Beach Cafe:

Big City Diner:  Kailua & Ward (outside) - Pearlridge & Waipio depends how full it is at the time, just ask for the manager. 


Greek Marina

Hank’s Haute Dogs:  



Kona Brewing Company

Kau Kau Grill:

Le Bistro: call ahead to let them know.

Nico’s Pier 38:  

Serg’s Mexican Kitchen:

Salt Lake Shopping Center: at the outside tables.

Teddy’s Burgers:  Kailua, Kaneohe and University locations. 

Wahoo’s Fish Taco:    


Make sure your pet is well socialized if you intend to take them out with you to dine. If you have a larger breed of dog, visit the establishment in advance of bringing your pet, to see if they are welcome. It is completely up to the discretion of the owner/management whether or not to allow your dog on the premises, be respectful and introduce your pet, the better behaved the more likely you will be received with aloha. If you own a breed of dog that is bred for it's viciousness and intimidation leave them at home.

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