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JDS Consulting: Hawaii Decor Design & Merchandising


Merchandising your Real Estate 



JDS Consulting is a collective of independent contractors who maintain employment in the Real Estate industry as Realtors, Realtor Associates, investors, as well as, home stagers and Real Estate merchandisers. Together we offer Real Estate merchandising services to those who lack the time and wherewith all to effectively merchandise their Real Estate for sale.


Aloha, I'm Kimo Stowell(RA), president of JDS Consulting and I'm passionate about design and Real Estate.  I see Real Estate as a marketable product and merchandising is putting that product's best face forward; emotionally connecting potential buyers to your property for sale.


If a property is priced right but isn't selling, merchandising a property may be your solution. JDS Consulting works with sellers to make quantifiable improvements to a property that buyers want to see such as bathroom and kitchen updates, as well as, adequate storage. In addition, we address the potential of inspection issues that might compromise a sale; we help you effectively allocate your improvement budget so you see the greatest return on your investment dollar; and we help design and execute interiors and landscaping that attract qualified buyers to your property. 


If you have property for rent we can help you accessorize, furnish and stage your rental units to attract top dollar. Our turn key services will work within any budget providing soup bowls to nutcrackers ensuring your properties are market competitive and rented.


JDS Consulting: Provides Real Estate Merchandising services in the following:


  • Home Staging,

  • Virtual Staging,

  • Interior Decorating,

  • Redesign,

  • Remodeling,

  • Turn Key Services,

  • Virtual Tours,

  • Curb Appeal Makeovers,

  • Open House Hosting,

  • MLS Photography.



Virtual Design:  


Virtual Design is a service of JDS Consulting offering our clients the opportunity to see before they buy. We use digital technology to produce visual renderings of our proposals so that design choices can be made quickly and with certainty.  


Creating visuals for our clients takes away the guess work and time required to explain design ideas."Painting" walls and arranging furniture in digital renderings allows home owners the ability to see the concept before they commit to it; reducing client anxiety. 


We provide all the information required to purchase direct from the supplier: Item number, price, color, name, size, etc. We also provide substitute suggestions should items become unavailable. Virtual Design can save you time, money, and the overwhelming feeling that comes with making the right design choices. 



JDS Consulting can design interior and exterior spaces to suit your individual style and tastes. We can provide multiple looks to choose from varying colors, accessories, and design styles.


"Kimo" James D. Stowell 

REALTOR Associate®

Real Estate Lic.#RS76763

Design Consultant

Real Estate Merchandiser


Call today for an appointment!


(808) 927-9162

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